About Me

I've been taking photographs for a long time. A few years ago I combined my interest in photography and printmaking and started exploring the possibilities of digital enhancement with very primitive (it seems now) technology, scanner & Clarisworks, primarily.

I improved my skills via courses at Bradford College Adult Ed and some other workshops, both in photography & using photoshop. I learned the old fashoned way about controlling a camera and using a darkroom as well as the digital side of the art.

I exhibited at Cartwright Hall in the Bradford Open, curated & exhibited in a joint photographic exhibition "Faces, Places & Spaces" at the Priestley Centre for the Arts. I also had a solo exhibition there "Mimesis" and ran drop in workshops explaining the tchniques I was usiing at that time. I also sold through local galleries.

Then I took a break. Still taking photographs & exploring new techniques, but not "going public", except through Facebook. A year or so ago a friend of mine said she'd like to learn to use an SLR & I said I'd show her.

And thats how I came out of hibernation. Thanks Soniya, I owe you.